Cope with Cross Cultural Business Ethics

Cope with Cross Cultural Business Ethics

Woskhop Date: 04-03-2020
Instructor: Spyros Kottoris
Location: 26 Akti Poseidonos – Piraeus
Duration: 09.00 – 16.00
Workshop Cost: €280/per participant




Ethics, Culture and Cultural Awareness

This one-day workshop is designed to support and equip leaders and staff, on ship and ashore, with the core skills and commitment to perform at the highest levels, essential for efficient and effective operations and that best promote safety, security, the protection of the environment and further reduce incident rates.

This course will help participants understand the importance of culture and values in a team and define their ethical framework to make solving ethical dilemmas easier. Tools and techniques will also be discussed to help participants when they are faced with an ethical decision.

Who should attend the workshop: Shipboard Officers, Operational Ship Managers & Superintendents, HSQE & Vetting Managers, Instructors, and everyone who serves the Greek Maritime Cluster and is interested in developing key soft skills for both personal and professional development.

Methodology: This program will include interactive games, teamwork, role plays and case studies so that participants can identify how to deal with ethics, culture and cultural issues.

After completing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between ethics and morals.
  • Understand the value of ethics and corporate culture.
  • Identify some of their values and moral principles.
  • Know what is required to start developing a business code of ethics.
  • Know some ways to avoid ethical dilemmas.
  • Have some tools to help them make better decisions.

Content Analysis:

  • The definition of ethics and morals.
  • Identification of your values.
  • Basic philosophical approaches.
  • Core decision-making tools.
  • Tools specific to ethical decision making.
  • Dilemmas with co-workers, supervisors and company policy.
  • How to avoid dilemmas.
  • Recovering from a mistake.
  • Understanding how to deal with cultural diversity.
  • Becoming adaptable to multicultural environments.



Instructor: Spyros Kottoris

Instructor’s CV

Spyros Kottoris BSc, AdvDip, MBA, Med

Learning & Development Manager|Certified Trainer & Executive Coach


His passion is to support and motivate people to reach self-awareness, recognize their values and develop skills that will lead them to personal and professional success, achieving personal and corporate goals, through interactive training, coaching and/or mentoring. He is an Economist, an Executive and Career Coach and a Certified Learning Professional with over 12 years of training experience.

He specializes in the fields of Communication, Leadership, Negotiation, Coaching skills and Train the Trainer training and also Entrepreneurship, Management and Finance using blended interactive learning methods. He has also worked as a Learning Consultant, a Lecturer in English Universities and a Trainer on Lifelong Learning Programs and Workshops. Spyros has 19 years of practical professional experience in multinational Groups of Companies and Banks and has taught for demanding clients in the Maritime industry, Construction industry, the Telecom industry, Information Technology, Banking, Energy, Insurance and others in Europe (Germany, Greece, Bulgaria) and the Middle East such as the UAE.

His academic background includes his bachelor’s degree in Maritime and Transport Studies, his MBA of the University of Kentucky USA, an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching of Kingstown College (ICF and EMCC certified) and a Master’s degree in Adult Education (MEd) of the Open University of Greece. His certifications and publications reinforce and enhance his scientific and professional track record.


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