Branding in Shipping : a competitive advantage for a competitive sector

Branding in Shipping : a competitive advantage for a competitive sector

Workshops Dates: 20-02-2020, 18-03-2020
Instructor: Dimosthenis Broussalis
Location: 26 Akti Poseidonos – Piraeus
Duration: 09.00 – 16.00
Workshop Cost: €280/per participant




Branding implementation in modern Shipping |Storytelling| Growth through branding

“Is it the compass that’s been turning, or is it the ship?” the poet wonders. Is it the company that shapes its image in the market, or is it the other way around?

Shipping is a dynamic, powerful and very Greek Sector of the economy, the only one that we can proudly say “we are No1 in the world”. Operating in a highly demanding environment, with strict regulations and so many unpredictable parameters has always been an intriguing challenge for Greek shipping companies and their executives: the sea is in their DNA.

On the other hand, Shipping is a business build mainly on trust and reputation. But branding, a practice of proven effectiveness and so common in practically every other sector, remains rare in Shipping.

Should this change? Would shipping companies adopt branding as a part of their business?

  • What is Branding and why your shipping company needs it?
  • How Branding can make a difference in your competitiveness?
  • What is a “H2H company” and is ιτ yours, one of them?
  • Is “Positioning” a business “compass” and why? Ηow is it working?
  • How it can safely guide you in unchartered waters?
  • Why is Strorytelling important for a shipping company?
  • How fast is Emotion and why you should know about it?
  • How branding strengthens your reputation in the market?
  • Is there a way to shape the Perceptions of your key audiences that are vital for your growth?
  • Is there a Branding methodology and how it is implemented in Shipping?

These are some of the vital questions regarding Branding in the Shipping sector and its cluster, that we will be addressing during the “Branding in Shipping” interactive seminar. We will focus on the way this international methodology should be adapted to suit the specific needs of the sector, and on how shipping companies can explore this opportunity for improved reputation and enhanced competitiveness.

 Methodology: An organized “route” through Branding Methodology and Terminology, that safely lead you to understand why any modern Shipping company should include them in its business “toolbox”. The seminar aims in highlighting actions that can improve the image of Shipping companies vis-a-vis their key-audiences playing a vital role in their performance.

 After completing this training, you will become more familiar with:

  • What “Branding in Shipping” really is and what it does for your company. And how.
  • Why it is so useful and why this is a necessary investment you should consider.
  • The way branding can help the management and your human capital, to help your company.
  • The reasons why you should trust and train your people, to upgrade your company’s reputation.
  • The methodology to analyze, prioritize and capitalize all the facts that make your company unique.
  • The procedure in building your main Story, and how this can get you ahead of your competition.
  • The benefits of having a Branding plan in place. And the risk of not having it.

Instructor: Dimosthenis Broussalis

  Branding Expert | Brand Builder | Storyteller

Branding and Communications expert, founding member and General Director of DASC Branding. Since 1983, specializes in integrated branding projects (Brand Strategy and Identity building), holding a leading position in his field in Greece. His portfolio includes Corporate Image and Identity branding projects, Product image and Identity branding projects, Retail Identity branding projects for some of the more significant Greek companies. As a member of potentia team, D. Broussalis innovatively implements Branding methodology and values to modern Shipping and coined the term “Shipping Branding” to the sector. During the recent decade, he actively contributes to the Greek exports attempt, assisting dynamic Greek companies to achieve their goals. Some of the most successful branding placements of Greek branded products in the international market are signed by D. Broussalis and DASC Team. What set these benchmark branding projects apart is their Strategic approach and the full support provided. Destination branding, Tourism branding and international Trending are also among his core thematic, and an integral part of his Seminars and Workshops activity. Projects, in which D. Broussalis contributed and supervised, have been repeatedly awarded, published and exhibited in Greece and abroad. Dimosthenis Broussalis is a keynote speaker in numerous Greek and international conferences and congresses, and a member of several experts boards and jury committees.


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