Automation System On Ships

Automation System On Ships

Woskshop Date: 17-20/02/2020
Instructor: Konstantinos Mentzelos
Duration:  4 Days
Location: 26 Akti Poseidonos – Piraeus




This course aims to familiarize trainees regarding capabilities and limitations of lathe machines onboard, associated hazards and safety measures, safety measures when working with lathe and most probable works and cases onboard that can be done with the use of lathe.  This course is further supplemented with extensive workshop preparation and performance in using lathe machines.

Who Should Attend this workshop: Engineers and electricians on ships.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to digital circuits and design of automated systems
  • Introduction to controllers: PID controllers with configuration and general arrangement of PLCs
  • Sensors (temperature, speed, distance, pressure, acceleration)
  • Governor Speed Control
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Synchronization of electric generators
  • Valves
  • Automated tank filling system and water transfer
  • Starter, 3 Phase Motor in different variations
  • Construction and Programming of common systems with integrated circuit Arduino
  • Step by step design of an automated system based on specific requirements and implementation with logical gates
  • Lab practice, one day trouble shooting for automation and environmental system, specific to company. ( pneumatic, electropneumatic 15ppm, OCM etc).

Instructor: Dimitris Koutsouras

Instructor’s CV

Konstantinos Mentzelos


i) 2018: Bachelor degree of Naval Engineer from
Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information
Center (NARIC).
ii) 2013-2016: Naval Engineer’s Degree and
Master of Science in Computer Science and Electrical
Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT), Boston.
iii) 2002-2006: bachelor degree of Marine
Engineering (first among 25 cadets), Hellenic Naval
Academy, Piraeus.

Further Education:

i) 2016: Analysis of explosive gases (Hellenic
Navy education).
ii) 2016: Analysis of vibrations for rotating
machines (Hellenic Navy education).
iii) 2009 – 2010: degree of Commanding Officers
(first among 20 Officers – Hellenic Navy education).
iv) 2008: degree of Engineering Officers for
Submarines (first among 4 Officers – Hellenic Navy


i) 2017-today: First Engineer for Patrol Boat
ii) 2016-2017: Second Engineer for Patrol Boat
iii) 2010-2013: Commanding Officer for Frigate
iv) 2008-2009: First Engineer’s Assistant for
Submarine AMFITRITI.
v) 2006-2008: Director of the Engineering Office
for Frigate HYDRA.
Projects: i) In progress: Implementation of an online hotel
reservation site using JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
Bootstrap, PHP and MySQL.
ii) 2015-2016: Design of a new frigate for US Navy.
(MIT – 3 members group)
iii) 2015-2016: Thesis: Image Recognition with
neural networks, for the design of a system that gives
the opportunity to an autonomous marine vessel to
recognize targets with 94% efficiency. Torch and C++
were used. (MIT)


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Technical courses are offered as required by TMSA 3 elements 2,4,7,10,14


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