Advance Trouble shooting Training in Marine Electronic Engines

Advance Trouble shooting Training in Marine Electronic Engines

Start Date: TBA
Instructor: Alok Kumar
Duration: 4 Days
Location: 26 Akti Poseidonos – Piraeus




  • Simulation Training includes:
  • MOP Operation including maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Adjustment of various parameters on MOP.
  • Study of Electronic control system, Construction of HCU and HPS units, Hydraulic and Sub System.
  • Normal and Emergency Operation from Bridge, ECR & Local Operating Platform.
  • Study of PMI, indicators diagrams and CoCoS for Performance Analysis & Optimization. Auto tuning and manual tuning of main engine.
  • Alarms, Slowdowns & Shutdowns conditions.
  • Function test and troubleshooting of MPC, HCU/HPS, FIVA, fuel injector and exhaust valve sensors.
  • Calibration of ECS and Tacho sensors.
  • Trouble shooting and systematic analyses during single or multiple failures through parameters and graphs.
  • Practical case studies.
  • Simulator Panels
  • Assessment and record keeping.


Course is suitable for Trouble shooting, Management and Electrical Engineers to enhance competence and analyzing different faulty conditions in dealing with Electronic Controlled Engine


The trainee has been familiarized with the simulator and simulated ship.


4 Days

Instructor: Alok Kumar
Location: 26 Akti Poseidonos – Piraeus

Instructor’s CV

Graduated as a Marine Engineer on 1980, Alok Kumar first worked for the Shipping Corporation of India and upon joining a Cyprus based firm, from 1990 onwards, he became a Chief Engineer working for multiple Foreign companies. Following a 17 years’ career in the industry, Mr Alok has an extensive experience operating internal combustion engines of all types, capacities and speeds and has experienced dealing with owners, managers and crew members originating from all over the world. The apex of his career, was reached when he took delivery of two brand new ships, Maersk Alfirk and Maersk Lota. Highly competent on controlling engine systems ranging from pneumatic to fully computerized, Alok’s is capable of using the latest models of main Engines MAN B&W ME as well as Wartsila Sulzer RT flex, among other major engine manufacturers. Furthermore, his experience sets him capable of troubleshooting any mechanical and electronic failures, associated with systems like Radars or satellite communications.

Instructor Alok Kumar - KCL Group


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