MTR established at 2011 in order to meet shipping companies’ assessment and training needs as a third party in a cost effective way with a team that have a vast collective experience on maritime, safety, training and software.

World is changing together with the generations and traditional training methods is not effective anymore on the new generation which would like to learn fast with experience and games. Together with the pandemic, online training implementation has been increased exponentially and many people experienced the effectiveness of online meetings and training together with the ones realized that existing training is not sufficient. Therefore we do believe that after the pandemic more people will continue to use online learning platforms and more innovative solutions will be welcomed.

We are investing on new training technologies for last three years heavily which made us produce new generation training tools like:

  • Virtual Reality Based Serious Games
  • Computer Based Serious Games
  • 3D Serious Games with Voice Recognition for SMCP Training
  • 2D Scenario Based Trainings
  • Interactive Blended CBTs
  • 3D Reflective Learning Videos

Sure we need a sound platform in order to support the full range  from selection, training to development process with a user friendly and lean UI. Therefore we have added:

  • Online Job Application Module
  • GDPR Module
  • Assessment Module with Photo Capturing
  • Company Orientation Module
  • CBT Module
  • Training Management Module
  • Performance Appraisal Module
  • Web Conference Module

Last but not least, we also focused on Human Factor with our innovative training tools in order to improve the resilience of seafarers’ with classroom training, interactive CBT’s, onboard trainings and full management of Resilience Training activities on behalf of shipping companies.

For many years, we have supported companies to meet TMSA (Tanker Management Self Assessment” requirements and we will continue to serve to meet DBMS (Dry Bulk Management Standarts) with regards to training which will come into force soon.

QMS & MTR  Courses: E-learning Courses , Webinars

See also MTR web site and youtube channel  to find more details.