Chairman’s Message

After almost three decades of dynamic operations, I can honestly say that KCL Group has succeeded only because it has stayed true to our principle: to satisfy our client’s needs. This is a one-way road to on-time, professionally sound, customized & cost-effective solutions. Our approach has gained us the respect & support of the international shipping market. Today, our commitment to operating according to the highest industry standards becomes stronger than ever because of the recognition by the shipping industry that, after all, commitment to ethical standards, a culture of excellence & attention to detail are truly cost-effective. These, together with our belief in people & teamwork, are the foundations of this company.

Building on these foundations, we approach the future with confidence, in the belief that the scale of our operations worldwide and the progressive introduction of best in class services will keep us close to the market, and our clients’ needs.

Kalliope Christou Lyrintzis
Founder, Owner & Managing Director